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Microsoft heeft een updates uitgebracht voor oudere versies van het besturingssysteem Windows. De updates dichten een risicovol beveiligingslek, schrijft het bedrijf. ...

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Hopelijk niet het zelfde geouwehoer als bij de patch van 08/02.

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@1 08:02 ? ik neem dat je het hebt over windows 10 .1803
AGAIN. (i'm getting sick and tiired of this but whatever).

Het kan zijn dat je Windows 10 EEN Partiitie heeft (i seen it). maar er is meer kans dat je
een verborgen Partitie 450 megabyte dan een gat van 16 meg dan nog een Partitie 100 megabyte Dan wat je ziet als C:\

De 1 regel ? bla bla ? "Hopelijk niet het zelfde geouwehoer als bij de patch van 08/02."
(welke versie heb je het over en Waar referee"r je naar ? what the heck are you talking about ? )
In het artikel journalisten THE REMOTE DESKTOP (thats one of the first things i shut down in AL my windows versions laat het aan MS over om vannalles in een PC te rammen en In te schakelen Until somebody who knows that, finds SOME hole to exploit Without the user EVER actually using or needing it. OR it's In the OS just not active and then Update Securithy It's active ? What does it do ? Nobody knows .. So what if you shut it DOWN ? Does it actually affect whatever you do with it ? NO So leave it OFF..

Security update ? You turn something ON for some reason ? they turn it back off
You turn something OFF , they turn it back ON ??? )

Anyways 1803 ? voorheen deden ze iets met de ACL (another LONG story...)

18/:02 ik neem aan dat je bedoeld 1803 (Miicrosoft could you please refere to those things at the Year Month they Actually DO get released ? ... het was niet 1802 Off 1803 ).

Voor die 1803 SECURITY UPDATE Partities 1HDD: 450-16-100-System :
(C is niet C. als je een HDD aan een windows systeem koppeld krijgt die HDD een Drive letter.. stel die letter is W .. Nu clone je DAT os van de HDD waar het op staat Naar de HDD die dat systeem de W letter 0.. probeer van die HDD te starten en terwijl het OS start HEY dat is HDD W: dan Flipt het OS die hdd naar W en "boot drive missing" BLUE SCREEN )

Dat zelfde kan gebeuren als je AGAIN

Voor die 1803 SECURITY UPDATE Partities 1HDD: 450-16-100-System :

AFTER (I had to go BACK to a 1509 version , i could not get any to work and tried to figure out Why , By the time i did ? Threads Closed THIS has nothing to do with ANY of that )

1HDD: 450-16-100-System-580



Dit systeem 1809 is nu 850-100-System:
Hoe ? I fixed the Screwup thbat is a SERIOUS PROBLEM Because you cannot change the Size of the C: Partition, There is no such thing as C It's just the First NON EFI partition on Drive 0.
It get assigned the letter C, UNLESS the system Knows that drive under a different letter with causes a Boot Fail..

And that is what happened here. The update Tried to Assign the NEW Partition the usual people cannot see and got a ACCES DENIED, i have not verified why because that would take DAYS to do and a lot of pain in the ass So am i sure ? NO why the Acces Denied ? 'Mandetory Security Level '

Als ik hier een ACL neerzet to explain WHAT HAPPENED ? De redactie heeft geen idee wat het is en Delete het bericht (they think it's hacking code ).

ACL ACCES CONTROL LISTING, wiie wat hoe waar toegang heeft on mwat te doen op een HDD ^partitie iin de boot, in een folder op een bestand Alles op een NT systeem heeft een ACL (Unless you delete it.. you cannot delete the ACL YES YOU CAN, If you know how .. you get and ACCES DENIED ? Vraag hoe veranderd NT die ACL ? Obviously there is a way to do that ..
now wait if you know how to do that then you could delete the security in a NT system all together ? the short answer to that ? YES .. en toen kon je niet meer updaten ? WRONG

I needed the danr thingto update so i could figure out WHY it failed again and again EVEN with a Full installer disk OVER the OS , It Still failed ... So you deleted the ACL on the systeml drive to get the thing to update ? YES .. NOT the original disk A CLONE OF IT

This should not work ? How do you think I FEEL when over 100 times and a full Restore of the windows image ALL files are exactly 10% verified to exist and where they are suppost to be
I tried anything to get the thing to update 'the clones ' NOT THIS SYSTEM..
By Default the updates are shut down By my own security code..

You must have been busy for weeks ? YOU think ?
To update i run on a clone for a while .. 'the system need to reboot ' .. version checking
Failed and its downloading the same update again ...

I had a counter over 100 times so eiither i shut down the update and rip out thel update system all together and Keep it shut down OR I fix the problem. Ik heb niet de gewoonte om install fail logiles te lezen .

Ze referen hier naar Wannacry ? "nieuwe manier van folders beveiligingen"

Redactie THERE IS NOTHING NEW ABOUT IT.. I run a few programs that By default run in System admin mode , if they fail to negate with he NT core and the core refuses to Verify
I OWN this system the Trusted installer is Just a program ..

The very day the Os says ACCES DENIED ? (these programs wil tell me If the NT Core refuses to BACK OFF. Wel i would Low level the drive.. THATS IT ? Microsoft YOUR DONE ! )

So let me see if i get this straight I cannot READ the data on the disk of files that Execute ARE in RAM Because they changed the C: ACL ? ..

For as long as it works ? Leave it as it is what if it doesn't work ? programs and tools start failing all over the place .. i do) not freakking belive it , you did NOT DO THAT ? OK
what they do ? I cqan do that also .. its just when i do that ? i mmakke sure that the trustted installer get and ACCES DENIED when it tries to poul that off again IT CANT ..

Why so ? i'm am not just the Admin I am the OWNER and in the NT system that is simply a number.. BUT with the Remote Desk you CAN loggin to a NT system using your Name and password...

Do i trust this security patch ? No i do not, Why not ?
Microsoft is pushing the users of the NT system ALL OF THEM to use Online Microsoft accounts. They probbably shut down the LOCAL ACCOUNTS...

Now this is the fun part IN XP ? I did use Remote destop for a long time ... I could not get throught one DARN WEEK without them Screwing up the setup and having me spend HOURS trying to figure out what DID YOU DO NOW ? I'n the end i just shut the thing down and found another way to deal with the problem.. So what was the solution ? The Iphone.

I copy al the date i might need On the Iphone and use third party (NOT microsoft) tools to do and work with it (or write them myself).

This 10 os ? they can try to turn ON the various Remote Desktop Remore Registry and .. well there are a few Onb again and again but i shut them down Every time .. Besides .. there is a firewall in the router Microsoft cannot mess with.

Ok wat is dat met die 18/02 ?

450- 100 - System (this one can hange size depending on what HDD you use, it can get smaller or larger )

450- 100 - System - 850 .. The 450 became to small .. Ehh How DO YOU CHANGE THE SIZE
Of a partition on a HDD that is Followed by another partition Making doing thta Impossiible ? YOU don't You just Shrink the System partition and add one AFTER IT ?


Now you can go on the Net and try program that can change the order of the partitions or change the sizes ... they all work or so people claim ? Do they actually work ?

if you managed to NOT CRASH the OS already ? do not try do what i did.
850-100- System ... so how the heck did you do that ? ....

You think this message is long ? As far as i know Paragon is the only company who has a software that an actually do that. Obviously i am not going to try such a thing on a NON CLONE.

What about Wannacry and Petya ? I tested thel with the various anti virus systems ?
when i deal with files on the HDD ? .. I am not in a habbit to Write to Disk 0 Track 0 Sector 0

ok so that is ... 25 years or so ,, That actually Works ? ..

I run those things on a real system NOT A VIRTUAL MACHINE ! since i blocked any and all ways the virus can do anything Eccept (i removed the NT encryptors) .. Anto Virus ? I CAIUGHT A VIRUS ... Lets reboot and see if it actualy stopped the Trojan from overwriting the Drive 0 Track 0 sector 0...

Ok so no 8 or 10 system Can Delete the Partition ? in fact if you try to boot with such a drive attached ? you crash ? Lets hot swap.. you turn the thing on, THEN you plug it in ?
interressting I actually cannot delete the drive and ther's nothing on it ?
(how the heck did you restore it ? Long story.. the highpoint controller)..

Lets try that again ( you did that more then one time, yes i want to be sure, you been busy for a while ? YOU THINK ? do i have to write the code to Lock that sector myself SO NOTHING CAN DO TJHATY INCLUDING micfrosooft Itself no matter what they call a Service STAY OUT OF THAT SECTOR ? how ? when you start the os you lock them ALL OF THEM
But if you do that ? what happens if MS tries to rearrange the partitions ? well they can try
Funny thing ? i have no had a drive dirty EVER SINCE)

Dit ? Security Patch ?

"Remote Desktop Services – formerly known as Terminal Services

1. Disable Remote Desktop Services if they are not required.
If you no longer need these services on your system, consider disabling them as a security best practice. Disabling unused and unneeded services helps reduce your exposure to security vulnerabilities."

Microsoft: on the Original XP system you needed to install it from the installer disk: THE FILES Where Not ON the active OS when you installed it UNLESS you Specificaly Selected them.

Today ? I don't not even know what service is what for, because you keep changing the names
and add more and more... and ... More ... And More ...

i get new ones all the toime and Google this or that DLL what is is for ?..
nothing .. ok the service name then ? "microsoft service"

They just read the files and the signature in it they do not know what the heck it is ..
So .. lets do it the old fashoined way then. (you pick it apart wich is a pain in the ass to do, it's just more practical to shut them down and watch what happens or does not happen).

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